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tv   Teen Kids News  KRON  March 17, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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announcer: their tomorrow depends on your words today. the hispanic scholarship fund has the information you need to help your kids go to college. >> "teen kids news" starts right now, and we've got a lot to report. >> i'll report on boys speaking out about abusive girlfriends. >> adopting a dog? i'll tell you some of the things you need to get before bringing your new pet home. >> in "flag facts," the state that gave us two of our most important national treasures. >> we'll introduce you to a career where the term "play ball" has a whole new meaning. >> our "speak of the week" deals with the movies. >> he's has a hip-hop hit on youtube, and he's not even in high school yet.
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we head into the recording booth with jbyrd. >> i'll tell you how a simple holiday card can make you a hero with our men and women in uniform. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> boys are taught that hitting girls is wrong, but do girls get the same lesson? more and more boys say they are being abused by their girlfriends. tyler has the story. >> francois is grateful to teen counselor nancy diaz. she helped him see that his girlfriend's behavior was not normal. >> at first i didn't really think it was 'cause, you know, she yelled, she nagged. >> francois tried to ignore it,
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but that only made things worse. >> then she'll curse at me. sometimes she'll hit me. but i'm thinking, "oh, okay, she's a female. they're supposed to do that." but not knowing that it was actually domestic violence. she was trying to control me. >> it's reported that one out of five teens in a serious relationship say they've been hit, slapped, or pushed by their partner. >> teen dating violence is a very high number. the boys do not share with their friends that they're being pushed and yelled and cursed at. so they're underreported. >> ms. diaz counsels teens through a program called outreach academy. she teaches them to know the signs of abuse, which aren't always physical. >> teen dating violence is all different types of abuse. they intimidate you. they call you names. there's also threatening. "if you leave me, i'm gonna kill myself." also texting and calling and, you know, "i want to know where you are all the time." telling you what to wear. >> when it comes to physical
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abuse, television may be to blame. >> it probably is more acceptable for a girl to hit a boy, because, like, a lot of boys have, like, training in, like, self-defense. >> there is definitely gender bias when it comes to our young boys, when it comes to domestic violence. >> we don't teach our girls, "you're not supposed to hit boys," unless it's your younger brother. >> i'm not sure my mom would buy that. in any case, a healthy relationship is when you and your partner can agree to disagree. >> for example... >> "i'm not gonna get in trouble or get yelled at if i have different ideas." "i can wear whatever i want." "i can go out with my friends." "i don't have to give an explanation of everywhere i'm going." >> let's face it -- if your girl or boyfriend doesn't treat you with respect, the fault doesn't lie with you. they're the problem. if you can't get them to understand that, then you need to move on. >> don't go away. we've got lots more still to
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come on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. .. soft.. and totally irresistible. your lip butter? likewise. new revlon® colorburst™ lip butter. a hydrating buttery balm for baby soft lips in 20 shiny colors.
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>> when it comes to adopting a dog, just because you've finally found the perfect pet doesn't mean you're done. as hannah reports, there's still work to do. >> it startsith getting your home prepared for the new four-legged arrival. that means having all the things you're going to need to care for your pet. [ dog barking ] most dog trainers recommend using a dog crate. don't think of it as a cage, but rather as the dog's own private space. >> you want to make sure you get a crate that's properly sized for your dog. >> next, you'll need to have a good collar. >> the best type is either a plain buckle collar that has a really secure clasp like this one or a front-clip harness like
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this, which sits across the dog's body and leads them from the front of their chest. >> of course, you'll also need a leash. it should be sturdy and about 4 to 6 feet long. and here's a neat trick for training. >> get yourself a treat pouch that you can hook on your hip and you can carry with you on walks so that treats are easily accessible when your dog walks nicely. and perhaps most importantly, you want to make sure that you get your dog lots and lots of chew toys. >> chew toys are not only a fun activity for your dog, they also help with obedience. >> these are toys that are hollow in the middle that you can put the dog's normal meals and special treats in, because it's a really great way to keep the dog busy, which means if they're busy playing with their chew toys, they're not getting into trouble. >> and that's good, because if your dog's occupied with chew toys, it's less likely to chew on things like clothes and furniture. >> i would have to say that probably the most important tip for a family that's adopting a dog is that they need to avoid killing with kindness. the kindest thing you can do for your newly adopted dog is
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bring them home and employ management tools like a crate and on-leash supervision to prevent them from indulging in behavior problems like destructive chewing, house-training issues, and excessive barking. >> having a dog is like having a new member of the family. it comes with a lot of responsibility, but it also gives a lot of love. >> now we're going to run a state flag up the pole. scott has the facts that makes this one stand out. >> in 1681, the king of england gave land in the new world to an englishman named william penn. since the area was rich in forests, it was named "pennsylvania," which is latin for "penn's woods." >> pennsylvania is a wonderful agricultural state. actually 30% of the state is considered agricultural land. and that's represented on the state seal, and the state seal is featured on the flag. there are corn stalks, there
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are sheaves of wheat, there are plows, and then, above all, this is a ship, and that's meant to represent the importance of philadelphia as a port city. >> the flag's blue background represents loyalty and justice. it's the same color blue found on the american flag, which originated in pennsylvania. >> well, june 14th is flag day in the united states, and that's because in 1777, the continental congress met in philadelphia, and that's when they accepted the first-ever american flag. >> the declaration ofan flag. independence and the constitution were also written in pennsylvania. despite these contributions to our federal system, pennsylvanians did not want any government to have unlimited powers over their state. so emblazoned across their state flag for all to see is the motto, "virtue, liberty, and independence." and here's another influence pennsylvania had on colonial america. when william penn drafted the
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state's first constitution, he included religious freedom for all. that provision became the model for one of our nation's most important rights. with flag facts, i'm scott. you don't disappear at midnight. and now, you've met your match. new revlon® colorstay™ 16 hour eyeshadow. 64 colors that will take you from night to day without smudging, creasing or fading away.
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>> one more. come on. hard one. >> sometimes, recovering from an illness or injury requires more than just medicine and bed rest. physical therapists help people get back on their feet. >> physical therapists work with patients who come in with disabilities, illnesses, or diseases that may impair their function. it could be the way they walk.
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it could affect their work. and we mainly deal on improving those disabilities -- getting them back to the point where they were before or even better. >> we shadowed ian as he worked with patients at suny memorial college hospital. >> good. >> this is hard. >> i know. four more. then i'm gonna have you keep it flat. >> preparing for a career in physical therapy requires a lot of training. >> most of the time, the prerequisites are basic sciences, like biology, zoology, chemistry, and physics. and then once you get into the program, there are a lot of subjects that involve the human body, like anatomy, physiology. >> armed with this knowledge, therapists are able to evaluate and customize treatments for each patient's needs. some of the treatments are pretty high-tech. for example, ian uses video games like this one to help
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patients improve balance and strength. >> lean forward, lean forward. >> uh-oh. >> lean forward, lean forward. there you go. >> and, trust me, they can be very challenging. [ laughing ] other treatments are a bit more old school. >> i like working with people. and the fact that you're helping somebody get better -- it's such a rewarding feeling. you get to see where they were because of a certain disease that they had, disability, and then you see them progress. and you see the joy that they have, and it's a good feeling. >> i think it's a great thing. they help people regain functionality in their lives. and it's really cool, because they're like part detective and part trainer and a part coach. >> if helping people regainch. their strength sounds appealing, physical therapy may be the career for you.
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for "teen kids news," i'm erika. >> this report is brought to you by the american red cross. it's called "holiday mail for heroes" -- hundreds of thousands of heartfelt messages sent to those who serve in our military, wherever they may be. many cards go overseas, greeting our military at the end of a difficult and dangerous day. >> some cards for you. >> other special deliveries may be closer to home. >> they put their heart and soul into making those cards -- drawing the stuff on them, coloring them. >> even the simplest message is meaningful. this soldier is unable to see the cards he's received. but his father can read them to him, proving that his sacrifice is appreciated. >> it says, "dear soldier, i hope you get better someday." >> "holiday mail for heroes" is run by the american red cross, along with cosponsor pitney bowes. >> what we're doing is we're gathering a tremendous number of cards from americans across the
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country to make sure that these cards get into the hands of military families and the men and women in uniform. >> everyone is invited to make a holiday card. >> and on the inside it says, "i hope during the holiday season you know how much you're loved and appreciated." >> eagle scout matt oclander started when his father was deployed in iraq. >> he's told me that he's seen soldiers coming off after a hard day's work, getting mail from the red cross, opening it up, and just start crying 'cause they know that people back home support them. >> it doesn't matter whether you have no stripes or four stars, if you're part of the program, you serve in the military, we want to make sure that you're remembered by americans. >> and then i put up here, "you're my hero." >> volunteers check every card and package to make sure they're good to go. if you'd like to send a message, here are your marching orders.
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so take a few minutes and send a card or two -- or ten. it's the least we can do to thank those who have given our country so much. for more information, follow the link on our website. for "teen kids news," i'm nicole.
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[ cellphone rings ] ♪ yeah, i just picked her up. we should be there in 20 minutes... [ girl #1 ] who is it? [ girl #2 ] oh, it's him. where is he? i know. yeah. i know. hold on... ♪ [ crash ] [ screams ] [ laughs ] [ crash ] [ crash ] yeah. [ crash ]
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>> it's time to get your opinion, in "speak of the week." >> so, tell us, what's your favorite movie? >> my favorite movie would have to be "the nightmare before christmas," because i love tim burton and i love just that entire movie, and it's also kind of a musical, so -- i like musicals. >> i'd have to say that would be "inception." it's one of my favorite movies of all time. >> my favorite movie is "charlie st. cloud."
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it's my favorite because it shows the bond between brothers and, like, siblings, and it portrays love in, like, the most unique way. and in this movie, his brother dies at a young age, but yet they maintain a special relationship, even though it doesn't seem like it could happen. but anything's possible. >> i'd say "dinner for schmucks" is my favorite movie. it's just really funny. steve carell's character is -- it's just outrageously funny. >> my favorite movie series is the harry potter series, and of them, i'd say my favorite is the last one, because it kind of ties together all of the earlier movies, and i thought it was a good ending. >> according to fandango, the two top movies based upon fan popularity are "twilight" and "the dark knight." for "teen kids news," i'm katie. >> here's natalie with some great advice on how to make the grade. >> when it comes to studying, extra help can be very effective. it's as though you could clone yourself... and divide up the work.
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actually, a good study group is even better than cloning, because you can use each individual's best set of skills. study groups are standard in law schools, but you don't have to be a legal scholar to use their techniques. the law school at"texas tech sets out some simple guidelines, starting with whom you invite into your group. they don't have to be social friends. and you can have different groups for different classes. at the first meeting, discuss your goals, your rules, and your schedule. for example, be very clear about when meetings will be held and what will happen if someone misses a meeting or comes unprepared. if everyone understands what's expected, it's easier to work toward success -- together. i'm natalie, helping you all to make the grade. >> do you have more than one classmate with the same name? that used to be more likely than it is now. studies show that there's a trend toward parents choosing
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unique names for their babies. so uncommon names are becoming common. >> it's time to play "word." check out these words and match them with the real definition. here's a noun that's a mouthful -- "onomatopoeia." it's either... when you say a baby babbles, that's onomatopoeia, because when a baby babbles, it sounds like babble. ready for another? "turgid." is it... give up? "turgid" is an adjective. it can mean swollen, or it can mean excessively embellished, as in, "the turgid poetry used so much onomatopoeia that it was irritating to hear."
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okay. let's take a short one. "flail." could it be a... gotcha. "flail" can be a noun -- a tool used with a swinging motion -- athe swinging motion itself. you could say, "the farm worker has to flail a flail to thresh the wheat." that's "word" on "kids news." >> [ rapping ] ♪ yep ♪ uh-huh ♪ you know what i wear ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow
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>> time to play "guess the president." you get 4 clues and 20 seconds to check your knowledge of white house history. here goes. without much formal education,
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he became a lawyer in his teens. as a major general in the war of 1812, he defeated the british in the battle of new orleans. he killed a man in a duel -- for insulting his wife. his supporters became the modern democratic party. and when they partied to celebrate andrew jackson's victory, washington was shocked at the mess they made at the white house. but our seventh president was a popular reformer -- the first frontier man to lead the country. after two terms, he gave a farewell speech warning against paper money. that's ironic, because nowadays you see him on every $20 bill. >> when he wrote lyrics about his favorite football team, he had no idea it would make him a hip-hop star. carina reports on a teen rapper's surprising success. >> [ rapping ] ♪ i'm that kid with the spikes and the mike ♪ ♪ gotta speed ♪ they'll look at me ♪ everybody lookin' at me... >> move over eminem. there's a new midwestern lyricist on the mike, and he's already a youtube sensation. >> my favorite thing is just
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going in the studio and actually rapping. >> jbyrd started writing rhymes when he was only 9. >> i just started writing lyrics, like, in my room and stuff, like, mainly about, like, i don't know, stuff i like to do. >> but it was a challenge from his manager that led to the big hit that made jbyrd a star. >> he texted me saying, "just write to the beat 'black and yellow,' by wiz khalifa." >> jbyrd's first instinct was to write about fashion. >> i was gonna do something like... ♪ nike polo, nike polo but then my brother actually gave me the idea -- tommy -- he gave me the idea to do "green and yellow" for the packers. ♪ you know what i wear ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow >> green and yellow are the team colors for wisconsin's green bay packers. >> they're our favorite team. we're all diehard packer fans. ♪ i'll show you what the real is ♪ ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow ♪ green and yellow >> jbyrd owes his brother big-time, because "green and yellow" became a super success. it's has about a million hits on youtube. >> ♪ and hope you're diggin'
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this ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm a diggin' this ♪ i'm really tryin' to winnin' this ♪ >> jbyrd recorded his fourth music video in new york's times square. he told us his big wish is to be able to record a song with tech n9ne. >> i'm hoping that comes true, 'cause he is my favorite rapper, all hands down. >> in the meantime, jbyrd continues to write lyrics on his ipod touch -- no pen and paper necessary for this guy. now that he's officially a teen, he has this advice for other aspiring young m.c.s. >> keep focused. just don't get into drugs or anything like that, and read a lot. that helps you, like -- if you like being a rapper, that really helps your vocabulary and helps you write better. >> jbyrd's real name is sam freckman. the "j" comes from his middle name -- john. we're not sure about the "byrd" part, but he sure seems to be flying on the wings of success. for "teen kids news," i'm carina. >> we'll see you next time on "teen kids news." >> thanks for watching. have a great week.
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>> and a big thanks to our troops in asia for their service.


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